Local Producers

The Blue Hill Peninsula is home to many individuals and small farms committed to the work of growing and to the idea of a sustainable local food system. We encourage you to support them.

Most selling is seasonal, but some is year-round. We’ve done our best to provide up-to-date information, but since days, times, products, and outlets change, you may want to check for the latest on the producer’s website or Facebook page, or via the contacts provided below.


Allen House Farm — seedlings, vegetables, flowers, occasional baked goods. 
Lynda and Sean Allen, 110 Bay Rd.
Farmstand (daily as available).

Carding Brook Farm produce, herbs, eggs, timber frames.
Jennifer Schroth and Jonathan Ellsworth, 4 Carleton Dr., 207-359-2326, pneqvatoebbxsnez@tznvy.pbz.
Farmstand (end of June-end of Sept., Wed., 10-1), local retailers and farmers’ markets, CSA.

Marilyn’s Jam Session — jams, relishes, baked goods.
Marilyn and Scott Cleveland, contact here.
Online store, FarmDrop, local retailers, farmers’ markets and craft fairs.

Old County Farm pork from free-range, heritage-breed pigs.
David Reiley, Old County Rd., 207-359-8578, byqpbhaglsnezyyp@tznvy.pbz.
Call or email to order. 

Planet Naskeag — wild pickled blueberries.
Silvia and Kevin Mathewson, 207-266-7104, vasb@cynarganfxrnt.pbz.
Local retailers and farmers’ markets.

Poland Family Farm beef, pork, eggs, firewood.
Kevin and Ginny Poland, 218 River Rd.,  207-266-0672,  xicbynaq@tznvy.pbz.
Call or email to order, and at local farmers’ markets. 

Tarr, David — scallops, lobster.
207-460-9472, gneesvfu@vpybhq.pbz.
Call or email to order.

5 Star Nursery and Orchard — fruit, cider, vinegar, native plants, fruit trees.
Molly DellaRoman and Tim Skillin, 853 Bay Rd., 207-359-4960, 5starnurseryandorchard@gmail.com.
Seasonal farmstand (daily, 9-5), FarmDrop, local retailers and farmers’ markets.

Blue Hill

Backstage Farm — produce, lacto-fermented products (kimchee, pickles, beet/carrot kvas, sauerkraut), bee green food wraps.
Elena Bourakovsky, 1361 Pleasant St., 207-374-5057, onpxfgntrsnezvaoyhruvyy@tznvy.pbz.
FarmDrop, local retailers and farmers’ markets.

Blue Hill Blondes — beef.
John and Betty Tyler, 185 Tamworth Farm Rd., 207-266-7600.
Call to order and at local farmers’ markets. 

Blue Hill Itinerant Slaughter — red meat and poultry on-farm.
Rob Cushman, 207-712-6983; nxvaqrexvyy@tznvy.pbz.
Call or email for information or to schedule.

Clayfield Farm and Orchard — seedlings, produce, flowers.
Deborah Wiggs and Phil Norris, 83 Clayfield Rd, 207-374-2159, beqref@pynlsvryqsnez.arg.
Local retailers and CSA.

Waukeag Neck Oysters — oysters, events, tours.
Rob Cushman, 207-712-6983; Graham Platner, 207-610-2441.


About Thyme Farm — pasture-raised pork and poultry, eggs.
Nathan Gandy, 1863 Coastal Rd., 207-469-5269, ngs.nobhg.gulzr.snez@tznvy.pbz.
Call, email, or message on Facebook to order.

Four Season Farm — produce.
Eliot Coleman & Barbara Damrosch, 609 Weir Cove.
Seasonal farmstand and at local retailers.  

Jackman Maple Syrup and V’s Bees Apiary & Honey Farm  — maple syrup and sugar, honey, produce, eggs, baked goods.
Rod Boyington and Vanessa Rancourt, 216 Coastal Rd., 207-252-2857, wnpxznazncyr@tznvy.pbz, ebq@wnpxznazncyr.pbz.
Seasonal farmstand, FarmDrop, local retailers and farmers’ markets.

Sunset Acres Farm and Dairy — goat cheeses.
Anne Bossi and Bob Bowen, 769 Bagaduce Rd., 207-326-4741 or 207-326-0816, safarm1988@gmail.com.
Local retailers and farmers’ markets.


Tilth & Timber produce, eggs, chicken, turkey.
Cindy and Troy Dickens, 165 Castine Rd., 774-271-0145.
Seasonal farmstand, local retailers and farmers’ markets, CSA.

Deer Isle

Atlantic Holdfast Seaweed Company — wild harvested seaweed.
Micah Woodcock, 207-409-4235, ngynagvp.ubyqsnfg@tznvy.pbz.
Online store and local retailers.

Yellow Birch Farm — produce, goat cheese, yogurt, cajeta, small-batch skin-care, value-added products.
Melissa Greene and Eric Ziner, 73 Reach Rd., 207-348-2601.
Seasonal farmstand (Tues.-Sat., 10-5), local farmers’ markets, farm dinners. 


Allens Wild Farm Blueberries — blueberries.
W. R. Allen Family, 267 Front Ridge Rd., 207-469-2307, vasb@nyyrafjvyq.pbz
Call or email for retail and wholesale info.

Rainbow Farm — pastured chicken and turkey, beef, eggs, lamb, produce, value-added products.
Noah and Lorelei Cimeno, 4 Rainbow Farm Rd., 207-610-3793.
Farmstand (daily, dawn-dusk), FarmDrop, local retailers and farmers’ markets.


Blue-Zee Farm — wild blueberries (fresh and frozen), produce.
Mark and Renata Scarano, 652 Front Ridge Rd., 207-664-8898, oyhrmrrsnez@lnubb.pbz
Farmstand (daily, dawn-dusk), FarmDrop, local retailers and farmers’ markets.

Horsepower Farm produce, eggs, meat, soups.
Andy and Donna Birdsall, 90 Horsepower Farm Rd., 207-374-5273, ubefrcbjresnez@crbcyrcp.pbz.
Farmstand (Mon.-Sat., 8:30-6). 

King Hill Farm produce, seedlings, beef, hens for eggs.
Amanda Provencher and Paul Schultz, 9 Faerie Kingdom Rd., 207-326-9701,
Local retailers, call or email to order beef or hens, order seedlings online, CSA.

Northern Bay Organics — produce, eggs, maple syrup, native plants.
Lena Kuhnt and Jason Langley, 58 Western County Rd., iasb@abegureaonlbetnavpf.pbz
Seasonal farmstand (Sat.,10-2), local retailers and farmers’ markets, CSA.

Quills End Farm grass-fed cow and goat milk, cheeses, yogurt, rose veal, pork, beef.
Heather and Phil Retberg, 192 Front Ridge Rd., 207-326-9082.
Farmstand (daily, dawn-dusk) and FarmDrop.


Red Bog Cranberries — cranberries.
Kipp Quinby and Dale Quinby, 100 Sis Porter Rd., Sedgwick, and 269 Falls Bridge Rd., Blue Hill, 207-374-2163, erqobtpenaoreevrf@tznvy.pbz.
Seasonal farmstand and local retailers.

Roaring Lion Farm and Market Meishan pork, grass-fed beef, eggs, vegetables, other locally sourced products, restaurant.
Arianna and Colin Smorawski, 160 Snows Cove Rd., 207-359-2107.
Spring (opening May 1): Wed. – Sun., 8-2. Summer: Wed.-Sat., 8-4; Sun., 8-8 (Sunday Burger Night).
Order online (not required).

Spring Tide Farmstead — pork, poultry, piglets, textiles.
Trent and Emma Quinby, 70 Sis Porter Rd., 207-326-0783, fcevatgvqrsnezfgrnq@tznvy.pbz.
Order on Farmdrop.


Deer Isle Oyster Company — oysters, seaweed, wine, other merchandise.
Abby Barrows, 10 Tidal Cove Lane.
Seasonal farmstand (May-Nov., daily, 10-6), pre-order oysters online

Farmers’ Markets (seasonal)

Blue Hill Farmers’ Market: Blue Hill Fairgrounds (or First Congregational Church just before/after BH Fair), Sat., 9–11:30 (May 25–late Oct.). 

Brooklin Farmers’ Market: 4 Bay Rd. (between the Friend Memorial Public Library and the Baptist Church), Thurs., 11–1  (June–Oct.).

Brooksville Farmers’ Market: Community Center parking lot, Cornfield Hill Rd., Tues., 9:30–noon (June–Sept.).

Stonington Farmers’ Market: Island Community Center, School St., Fri., 10–noon (May 31–Sept.).

FarmDrop: Online marketplace for local farms; order by 11:59 p.m. Mon. and pick up on Wed. afternoon at several Peninsula locations.