The Brooklin Food Corps was formed in 2020 to take up the torch from the Brooklin Youth Corps, a beloved town program from 1997-2019. The Food Corps owes its name and many of its resources to the Youth Corps. When the BYC disbanded, Mike and Robyn Sealander generously allowed the part of their property that the BYC had used for its food-growing program to be reborn as the Community Garden. In late 2020, Molly DellaRoman and other community members formed a steering committee and established the Brooklin Food Corps, with Molly serving as its chair. Robyn, who was board chair of the BYC and currently serves as the treasurer of the Brooklin Food Corps, worked with the Town of Brooklin to repurpose BYC legacy funds for use by the BFC, and the Brooklin Food Corps became an official town entity in the spring of 2022. That fall, town residents voted to transfer the BYC’s remaining funds to the BFC as a way to keep our community “growing.” These monies, along with a grant from the Brooklin Garden Club, have gone a long way to funding activities that further our mission. In addition to this generous funding, we depend on support from individuals, and we are grateful to the outpouring of support by community members to our first annual appeal, at the end of 2022.